Do you often wonder – Why don’t guys approach me?

Do you wish the dreamy guy in line at Starbucks would strike up a conversation?

Do you ever feel invisible at happy hours and parties and can’t figure out why men talk to your girlfriends but don’t notice you (even though you’re just as smart, pretty and fun)?

Or maybe men do notice you and make eye contact, but they still don’t come over!

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But you’re not alone – many of my clients come to me feeling the exact same way.

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Why don’t guys approach me?’, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you – you just need some expert advice (from me!).

You see, I teach my clients simple strategies that make them irresistible to men (sometimes overnight – seriously!) and now I’m going to share them with you.

These eight steps are just some of the top tips I share with my clients, and once you start following them, I promise you’ll start turning heads right away!

1. Smile 

If guys don’t typically approach you or ask you out, you might be giving off a “stay away from me” vibe without realizing it. Your smile is an invitation – it says, “Come on over!” It also shows that you’re a nice person. Men avoid rejection, so if you look like a sweetheart, they’ll be more likely to get up the courage to say “hello”. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile. It’s HUGE. Practice wherever you go – every single day. Smile at strangers, smile at your friends and then smile at the cute guy across the room. He’ll probably come say “hello”!

2. Dress to impress

After work, lose the business attire, put on a dress and wear some color! Men LOVE femininity – they just do! And studies show that people who wear color are perceived as happier, warmer, nicer and more open. So shop for color and wear something that makes you feel pretty and confident. Make sure your outfit lets him know he’s on a date – not a business meeting. Have fun shopping for a fabulous dating wardrobe!

3. Let your eyes linger

I know it’s hard, but hold his gaze. When you see a guy you’re attracted to, don’t look away. Instead look right at him! Look into his eyes and hold your gaze for 3-5 seconds. Add a little smile at the end, and POW, he’ll notice you for sure! Don’t be surprised if he comes over and says “hi”!

4. Enjoy yourself A LOT

Positive and fun people are very appealing. No matter what you’re doing – have fun with it. Laugh, play, and celebrate! Live your life with enthusiasm and a real sense of fun. He’ll notice and want to come join the party!

5. Break the ice

Be courageous and say “hello”! Compliment him on his shirt or his shoes, it’s easy to do. Comment on the weather. Just say something! I know it seems nerve-wracking, but in reality you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So go chat him up!

6. Give him access to you

If you’re out with friends, sitting at a bar or standing in a crowd – make sure he can get to you! At the bar, sit sideways. Move a little closer to him at a party. Stand where he can easily approach you. Proximity and access make it easier for him to approach you. Help him out!

7. Take good care of yourself

Men are attracted to a healthy appearance – it’s actually in their DNA. If you haven’t taken care of your health, if you’ve got some extra weight you’ve been wanting to lose, if you’ve been planning to work out, eat healthy and get in shape, now’s the time. When you feel and look your best, men will definitely notice. And your confidence will be irresistible! Taking great care of yourself is a win-win!

8. Get happy

When you feel balanced, calm, peaceful and just plain GOOD, it sure shows! When your spirit shines, everyone takes notice. Those good vibrations will attract a man who’s in a really good place himself. So take good care of yourself, enjoy feeling great (and enjoy all of the attention)!

Now that you’ve read my top strategies for getting guys to approach you, it’s time to put them into action.

When you share your warmth, good energy, and kindness with others and dare to be courageous, the Universe rewards you in tremendous ways. Your love is out there. Go get him!

With love,


P.S. I took my own advice about six years ago and met my amazing hubby in a bar (yes a bar)! When a cute guy (Rob) asked if anyone was using the barstool next to me, I gave him a HUGE smile and was super friendly (he took the chair and left). But later, he watched my girlfriend and me laughing across the bar. Rob was intrigued and just had to come over (he told me later he thought I looked friendly, happy and sweet). And the rest is history!

These days, I wake up every morning next to a man who adores me – a man I can trust and feel safe giving my heart to all because I gave him a BIG smile at a bar and was having fun!

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in your life. So give these eight steps a try and get ready to meet someone GREAT!