Last week I was on Facebook (I’m a little addicted), and I noticed a bunch of my previous clients listed under “People you may know”.  

I don’t “friend” my clients so I thought, that’s really strange.  Then I noticed a bunch of people I’d matched over the years and thought Facebook must be stalking my email account. That’s so creepy!

Curiosity got the best of me, so I perused the list of “people you may know” and took a double take when I saw a client holding a baby in her arms. I clicked on her picture, and there were lots of baby photos!  I thought, oh my goodness, this is amazing!  And then I got a little teary.

Elizabeth’s baby isn’t the first DC Matchmaking baby (we’ve got a few cutie pies out there), but her story is kind of special.

I want to share Elizabeth’s story with you because dating can be tough and hearing about a happily-ever-after can be inspiring and give you hope.  Her story is one of my favorites.

A few years back, Elizabeth, a prospective coaching client, sat across from me in my office. At 33 she’d never been on a date or had a boyfriend – ever. Dating can be tough, but when you’re in your 30s and have zero experience, it’s even harder.

To make things even more challenging, Elizabeth was overweight.  Now I’m a really nice person, so addressing a client’s personal appearance can be uncomfortable, but it needed to happen.

So once I knew Elizabeth felt comfortable with me, I explained that dating is harder when you’re overweight because the pool of interested men is smaller. I asked her if she could lose weight before we started working together. I really wanted her to be successful.  I’ll never forget her response.

“Michelle, if I could lose weight, you’d be sitting across from a skinny person”.

Touché.  I loved her honesty!

I asked Elizabeth if she was willing to work hard and commit to the process, and she was.  Then she said; “Now let’s get busy and find me a husband.” I loved her determined matter-of-fact no B.S. attitude.  I laughed out loud!

She went on to explain that she wanted to meet a preppy WASP whom she could take up to her parents’ summer home in Nantucket – someone who would fit in perfectly with her family.

I thought this was funny – a woman who’d never been on a date thought she could just order up a guy in a Vineyard Vines polo shirt and salmon colored shorts and call it a day.  Ha!

The next week, I met Elizabeth for her photo shoot and quickly learned she was a squinter. Determined to get great pictures for her online profile, I took 640 photos to get what I needed!

To make a long story short, Elizabeth took my advice and worked hard.  With my help she wrote to dozens of men and went on quite a few dates.  She practiced flirting and learned the ins and outs of dating.

And then it happened.

She met the preppy WASP of her dreams!

Just two months after our initial meeting, Elizabeth had a boyfriend who loved her curves and thought she was the sexiest woman in the world.  Wow!

Elizabeth had ordered up and man, and I’ll be damned if the Universe didn’t deliver.  And pretty darn quickly!

In the coming months, she took her boyfriend to Nantucket with her family and he fit right in.  And when he proposed to her, I got an email telling me all about it.  Then I got wedding photos.  We eventually lost touch.

And then this past week, Facebook’s creepy stalking algorithm reconnected us!

I emailed Elizabeth right away and asked about the baby.  Her daughter is two months old and a complete joy.

Stories like this make me so happy.  I love my job!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for years or if you’ve never been on a date in your life.  It’s not too late to implement a smart dating strategy and give it your all.

Not everyone is as lucky as Elizabeth, but I assure you, your love is out there. Put your energy into making love happen and the Universe will do its part, I truly believe that.

And when you finally meet “the one” all the waiting and hard work will be worth it.

And he might even be wearing a preppy shirt!